Project Updates, August 2018

Latest News

We've added new surveys to our model, established new strategic partnerships, and welcomed new members to our team.

Survey and Data Checking

We've spent years identifying, accessing, and compiling individual-level dietary survey data from around the world. Thanks to this continued effort, we've accumulated 1,395 survey years of dietary data and 145 surveys with biomarker data. These surveys now cover 185 countries and 97% of the world's population. But there's still more work to be done; we've identified an additional 245 surveys, 82 of which we've marked as "high priority." GDD team members will continue to check these surveys and prepare them to be included in our updated model. We expect our updated estimates, informed by these surveys, to be available by 2019.

Strategic Partnerships

GDD aims to perform novel research and translation on global dietary intakes, diet-related disease burdens, and evidence-based policy actions to create a healthier, equitable, and more sustainable food supply. To leverage this work and maximize its impact, the GDD is establishing partnerships with key organizations around the world. These relationships enable GDD and its partners to synchronize and expand their international networks, leverage and establish frameworks for joint research, projects, and programs, and together disseminate findings to a wide range of relevant stakeholders, including researchers, advocacy groups, governments, non-governmental organizations, and funders.

We have recently created partnerships with: the FAO/WHO Global Individual Food Consumption data Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT); Global Nutrition Report; the Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN); HarvestPlus; and the GODAN working group on food classifications.

Core Team

We've added new members to the GDD Core Team! This personnel expansion has been and will be critical to the continued work and dissemination of the project. For an updated roster, go here.


Submitted by Beill1944 on Sun, 07/16/2023 - 22:24


It is impressive to hear about the work that has been done to compile individual-level dietary survey data from around the world. The fact that there are now 1,395 years of dietary data surveys and 145 surveys with biomarker data covering 185 countries and 97% of the world's population is testament to the dedication and work group hard work. I usually eat while playing geometry dash which makes eating more efficient.

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The team responsible for this wordle initiative is actively engaged in reviewing and checking the identified surveys. This process likely involves ensuring the data's accuracy, consistency, and relevance.

Submitted by MAbubakar on Wed, 08/16/2023 - 20:57


Your team has amassed an extensive dataset of dietary survey information from 1,395 survey years across 185 countries, covering 97% of the global population. Additionally, you've identified 245 more surveys, prioritizing 82 for inclusion, showing your dedication to enhancing the dataset's scope and accuracy. Here's some Tips On How To Work Two Part-Time Jobs.

Submitted by MAbubakar on Wed, 08/16/2023 - 20:58


Your ongoing efforts to review fate/grand order and prepare these surveys reflect a commitment to data quality. The target of producing updated estimates informed by these surveys by 2019 highlights your dedication to timely, informed insights. Overall, your work signifies a comprehensive endeavor to improve global understanding of dietary patterns and their implications.

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